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Just watched Justice League vs. Teen Titans... HOW DID I NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS SOONER?!?!

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    The day Terra re-entered back into our lives, was a shock for all of us.  

    We had left Terra to live out her life as a normal adult; finishing high school then going to college.  Any hope for her return was lost after my failed attempts to bring her home and I reluctantly let her drift into my memories as I struggled to deal with my heart ache. Months after my rejection, Raven had entered into my quarters to console me.  She held me as close as possible while I unleashed a fury of fresh tears I was not aware that I had.  We sat there for some time, not speaking, barely breathing.  After what felt like an eternity, Raven floated to her feet and left.

            Every night after that she would enter my chambers to give me a chance to unravel after a day of false happiness and every night, it felt as though I would cry less and less.  The night of the anniversary from the initial heart ache, was the first night I did not shed a tear.  Still, Raven and I held onto each other because it was the only world I had come to know for quite some time.  She ran her hand down my back and with her breath I felt every part of her body press against me.  It was a feeling I had come to love.  I traced her spine until I could take a hold of her soft, perfect hair.  I took my head away from her shoulder and she followed.  A moment of just gazing at one another took place.  My other hand lightly grabbed her cheek to guide her to my mouth but I held her back just enough so that I was not forcing anything she did not desire.  The space between us was closed when she leaned in the rest of the way to share in the deepest kiss I had ever known.  The rest of the night was spent together in passionate closeness as we made love to each other behind my closed door.  This night, Raven did not leave me.

            This was the start of our secret affair.  No one knew about it and that’s how we wanted to keep things.  We laid with each other every night for years; I loved her and she loved me.  There were times when we had wanted to come clean to our teammates but there was never the right opportunity.  We did not know how our relationship would work once everyone and the world knew, and there was always that fear that our love would be used against us.  So we decided to always hide it from everyone until we had nothing to worry about.

    Robin and Starfire got married.  It was a long time coming and everyone in the city came to witness their prize celebrity couple vow themselves to one another.  It was quite the grand affair and Raven and I dared to dance with each other that night.  There were whispers but in comparison to the wedding, no one could care less about us.  We danced until just about everyone left and the team returned to the tower.  We were all exhausted but happy and a little drunk. So when we stumbled home, we were surprised to see who was waiting at our doorstep.

    The day Terra re-entered back into our lives, was a shock for all of us.



            I remember looking down at a barren, beaten man. His face was smashed in with rocks and blood poured out from his wounds.  He was dead.

            I could not recall where I was or how I had gotten there but I could see that my clothes were ripped.  I shuddered when I came to the realization that this man was trying to take advantage of me.  Why would anyone think they could take over me?  I am Terra, the bender of earth, what was he thinking…

            I called the cops and left the body where it was, I didn’t know what else to do!  I felt cold inside as I flew away from the man that I had murdered and knew that I was going to be in very deep trouble, but I could not stand to be there any longer.  I needed to go back to the last home that I felt comfortable with, the Titans Tower.

            No one was home so I decided to wait on the steps for someone’s arrival.  I missed them all, but I especially missed Beast Boy.  I am confident that all the titans would know what needed to be done about the man and then Beast Boy would be there to comfort me.  Maybe I’ll be able to get some answers about why I was out in such a bad part of town.

            A few hours later I heard the sound of flight touch down to the ground and cries of laughter fill the air.  I squinted to see the titans stumble up the steps and freeze when they noticed me.  Their mouths dropped and all but Raven turned to look at Beast Boy.

            He was so handsome!  I was overcome with my emotion and I jumped into his arms and kissed him on the mouth.  I let go and said, “Hey dudes!” with a grin.



            When the team stumbled upon Terra on our doorstep, all I could do was stare at her.  I watched as she leaped to Garfield and laid her mouth on his.  A flash of anger boiled from within me but I hid it so that I would not alert the rest of the team.  Gar did not hug nor kiss her back and when she was through he looked to me.

            The team embraced Terra and quickly ushered her into the tower to get all the details from her.  However, what we learned was grim.  Supposedly, she had come to her senses to find that she had murdered a man. Any event prior to this instance was lost to her.  She did not remember her betrayal and later redemption, nor could she recall her life as a normal adult.  As a matter of fact, it didn’t seem that she changed much from her teenage self; she was trapped in a broken mind.

            We sent her to take a shower in order to speak as a team what our next moves would be.  We agreed that for the time being it would be best to hide the truth of her recent self and tell her that she disappeared for a few years.  It was in Terra’s best interest to keep these truths from her so that we don’t shatter an already fragile mind.

            Robin called the cops and we all gave a statement to the events that transpired that evening.  Being the protectors of the city, Terra was entrusted to us so that we may keep an eye on her.  After all was through, Kori began asking Beast Boy questions about his excitement towards the return of his love.  


A Few Years Later




            The threat was emanating and permeated the air of the elevator.  We learned of the alien horde heading to earth two years ago and have trained endlessly during that time, still, I felt the pang of anxiety.  The attackers derived from a realm unknown to even Kori’ander and have leeched onto other planets on the way to our solar system.  Allies from other galaxies have shared with us that once a planet is successfully invaded, the aliens absorb the life forces of all specimen on said planet to lay a plethora of eggs.  The eggs have yet to hatch but we all realize that the hatchlings will become a major problem in the future.  For now, all the titans have converged at different space bases to lure the horde away from Earth so that we might hopefully rid the universe of this threat.

            For our team we had Jinx, Wally, Bumblebee, Nightwing, Kori, Changeling, Terra, and I. I looked to my teammates and found an elevator-full of stoic faces. I looked to Gar and noticed his hand gripping Terra’s.  I rolled my eyes and immediately hated myself for it, I was the one who felt that Terra needed Garfield without him distracted with another relationship.  Of course they were going to end up together.  I told Garfield I didn’t love him so I could save myself from the pain later on.

            I bit my lip to bring myself back to the reality of the fast-coming doom.  The lights began flashing red when we reached our landing.  Our plan was for me to keep up a constant shield so that once the space station is breached, I’ll be there to keep the oxygen and everyone else in. This would require my complete, devote attention which is inevitably going to leave me vulnerable.  The job for the rest of the team is to hit the enemy hard while protecting me.  We practiced many different combo moves that could wipe out a good number of targets, so I am just going to have to put my faith in my teammates.

            I reached the center of the circular headquarters and levitated into the air with my legs crossed.




            Azarath, Metrion, Ziiiiinthooos.”

            My heart began to pound at the sound of Raven’s chant. It was time to learn whether our efforts will be enough to protect the Earth from these grotesque creatures.  I dropped my two bags of rocks onto the ground and Garfield did the same.  I smiled at him and his smile calmed me down a bit.  I lifted the earth into the air and scattered them across the large headquarters while I kept a group of them within my hands.

            I took a deep breath and looked up through the clear paneling above us to see the stars.  Raven’s shield finished closing in on my view so I brought the googles over my eyes.

            Nightwing began his final speech but I couldn’t care less about what he was saying, I needed to focus.  His speech drew to a close and a few moments later we felt the space station shake; they had finally boarded.  I raised a circulating formation of rocks around me and Garfield changed into a tiger.

            The alarms were in a fever now, blasting us reminders that we were not alone in this space craft anymore.  Finally, there was a pounding at the door and soon thereafter it was breached.  Wally was the first to swipe the legs of the primary onslaught and Kori used her eye beams to disintegrate the fallen aliens.  The battle was on.

            It was a blur of flashes and rocks flying about.  I ran to face any challenge before me and aimed a rock through the head of these creatures.  I created a staircase for Gar and I to get to the ceiling.  He somersaulted off the top and landed on a good many of them as a T-Rex. I, on the other hand, lifted up as many rocks as possible and rained them down as speeding bullets.  I floated on a boulder the rest of the time smashing in heads as often as possible.

            This was easier than I thought.




            My ginormous tail swiped and swatted the invaders.  I watched as Kori and Dick flew by to face the new horde that just entered.  Nightwing dropped a bomb and Kori flew up to retreat from the blast radius.  I changed into a falcon to fly away from it with the rest of the team. We circled Raven just as the bomb exploded and it seemingly got the rest of them.  I transformed back into myself once a few minutes of nothing happened.

            “Is that it?” I asked.

            As if I uttered a summoning spell, there came a crash from above as thick glass rained upon us.  Our gazes reached upward just in time to witness a fresh wave of aliens enter our domain.  There was much more this time.

            In a flash, I was a bear slashing at all who came before me.  The other titans were fighting similarly which I realized meant that we were all distracted.  I whipped my head around just in time to see an alien drag his razor-sharp tendril down Raven’s back.  She released a gasp which broke her concentration.  The black shield gave way and everything started to get sucked up through the hole the aliens had created.  Kori was quick to grab onto everyone who wasn’t in reach of a bolted structure.  I gripped railing and struggled to make my way to Raven who was trying desperately to fight off the one alien while keeping up a crude shield.

            She was thrown to the ground facing me; we made eye contact and I heard her screaming my name in my head.  It was as though I lost feeling in my body, I no longer controlled myself. It was as though I was feeling myself leave the body that I occupied; after that, things went blank.

            Days or seconds passed before I could see through my own eyes again; I felt very weak.  I saw that Terra was ushering me out through the elevator in a space suit and that I was also in one.  I turned the best I could to glimpse at Raven who had regained her shield composure.  Nightwing was running out to dress her in a space suit of her own.  Then it went dark again.


            I woke up next to Terra with a headache. “What the hell happened?”

            Terra awoke in reply, “Are you feeling okay? You’ve been asleep for a while.”

            I again asked what had happened and Terra just looked at me.  She had no idea how to explain to me what transpired the night of the attack.  All she said was to go see Raven.

            I entered the medical room where I was told housed Raven to find her floating above one of the beds in a seated position.  I heard her whispering her mantra under her breath as I got closer to her and discovered that she was healing herself.  Her leotard was unzipped in the back revealing the nasty gash she received in the battle prior.  I winced at the sight of the wound and immediately felt guilty; if only I had paid more attention and protected her.  I drug a chair beside the bed to wait for her healing session to finish.




            “Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos…” I let out a long breath as I spoke my finally word ending my session for the day.  The wound I got from the alien was a deep one and was taking a much longer time to heal than I was originally expecting.  It has been almost two days and I have very little to show for it.     

            I opened my eyes to find Garfield asleep in a chair beside me.  My heart flipped inside my chest as I stared at his resting face.  I know why he is here and I know that it is just to ask me a question, nothing more.  Memories of countless mornings waking up to him at my side flashed before me and all I could do was curse myself at the reflections.  The recollections reminded me of the feelings that I still hold for him after all this time; I can’t stand how pathetic it all makes me feel.

            I landed on the bed with my legs dangling from the side so that I could prepare for the conversation we are about to have… How will I even begin to explain?




            A hand pressed my shoulder waking me up from my nap.  I stretched and then made eye contact with Raven who was now posed before me.  “How is your back?”

            Raven smirked, “It can be better but it’s nothing I can’t fix.”  I frowned at myself again for not stopping the attack in the first place, but Raven just continued, “How do you feel?”

            “Tired…  What happened that night?  All I can remember is you calling my name in my head, if that makes sense? And then nothing.”  I could sense that the room grew colder and Raven seemed almost frightened. 

            She bit her lip, “I know the reason why you came here is to get answers, and I want to help you in that endeavor…  However, I don’t know how to explain.”  She paused and I just waited patiently while we both looked away from each other.  I guessed that she needed to think but I had to look away because I can’t handle staring at her face for too long.  The pain from years before are still there and of course I still ache for the feelings I only felt with her.  Raven took in a breath grabbing my attention, “In its most basic explanation, I panicked while that thing was over me and I latched on to you.  I entered your mind and body, using your essence to shove every hostile out of the base.  Imagine a green sphere expanding, pushing everything evil out.”  She completed the imagery with her hands starting small then going out.  Raven stood up and started walking to the door, “I hope that helps.”

            I was baffled, how could she be walking away right now?  None of what she told me made any sense, “Wait.” I stood from my chair and caught up to her grabbing her arm, “Why me?  How is any of that possible?”  She wouldn’t look me directly in the eyes and I shook her, “Raven, what’s going on!”  This was too weird, even for us, she has never been this standoffish with me before. “Raven.”




            I trembled, years of pent up emotions were bursting from the seams I had so carefully stitched, years of preparing myself to be alone were starting to unravel.  How can I tell him that I always loved him even after all this time?  How can I tell him that my love for him is the connection to make anything like that possible?  I can’t do it; I can’t ruin his life that he has with Terra.  He gripped my arm tighter while he continued to ask the same questions.

            I whipped my arm away from his grip and looked up.  Who am I kidding?  Him knowing my secret isn’t going to break Terra and him up; they’re happy.


            I took a deep breath and took control of my emotions the best I could, “I was only able to link with you because I love you.”  There, I said it.  I finally got that off my chest.  I feel… free.

            I turned to walk away but was stopped by both of his hands grabbing my arms and bringing me towards him to kiss.  My body went numb, I felt a shock of tingles course through my body.  He leaned back, “How dare you keep that from me!”  He let go of my arms to wrap his own around my waist as he kissed me again and again.  I clutched onto his hair and bit his lip.

            This passion, I had missed this passion immensely.




            I couldn’t control what I was doing, I knew all of this was wrong because I was still with Terra, but Raven…  I wondered for so long about us, about how she really felt about me, and now I see that she sacrificed us for Terra’s well being.  Oh god, Raven’s body and her lips are incredible, I almost forgot what she felt like.

            I guided her legs up my torso and took her back to the medical bed.  I sat down with her on top and let my hands roam over her.

            “Garfield,” she panted and I just about lost it.  I ripped off her leotard to expose her perfect breasts.  One hand squeezed the plump breasts while the other reached behind and underneath to rub her wet area.  Raven gasped and I took the opportunity to suck on her unprotected neck.  “Gar!”  Every time she says my name a shiver crawls up my spine.

            She pulled my shirt over my head then pushed me down into the bed.  She latched onto my mouth again guiding my hands to grab onto her ass all while she grinded against my pulsing member.  She readjusted herself so that her feet could work off my pants.

            We paused for a moment, panting into each others mouths.  We were completely bare in front of one another and I was just losing it.  I grabbed onto her hips and brought her down the same time I thrusted.  We both threw our heads back; she felt incredible!  Warm, velvety, and wet!  I thrusted again and again listening to all her moans and cries of passion.

            I brought her close to me so that we could keep kissing while we both kept a steady rhythm.  I was starting to see colors it all felt so good.






            It had been awhile since I had seen Garfield so I decided to go look for him after I had finished breakfast.  I wonder what Raven’s reasons were.  The night of the attack had gone all wrong after Raven was wounded and no one was prepared to see a flash of green push everything away.  It was the strangest thing as the green orb expanded and passed through me, I felt Garfield and a strong emotion go thru my entire being.

            Afterwards, I immediately went searching for Gar only to find him on the ground.  Nightwing commanded that we all dress in space suits quickly because Raven had grown weak.  I rushed to grab two so that Gar and I wouldn’t suffer another shield break; the rest of the team did the same.  I dressed myself and Gar then carried him the best I could to the elevator.

            I entered the hall of the medical wing only to hear – “Raven!” “Gar!” – and my stomach dropped to the floor.  I walked closer to room and a thumping sound began to grow in volume along with panting and moaning.  I knew what was going on, but why?!  I opened the door after fighting against it and found Raven throwing her head back just as Gar finished inside of her.

            “What the FUCK!”

            The both of them froze.  Raven and Gar then scrambled to pull on any clothes they could grab, “Terra, I can explain!”

            Hot tears raced down my cheeks and I ran away, please be a dream! Please, someone tell me I’m dreaming.  I stopped at the bathroom and vomited.  I sobbed over the toilet like a pathetic child and struggled to breath as the image kept flashing before my eyes.  I shakily got to my feet and stumbled to get outside for some fresh air.

            I fell to the ground once I reached my destination and cried some more.

            It didn’t take long for Garfield to find me, “Terra, we need to talk.”

            I was surprised by my self-control; the thought to hurl a boulder at him crossed my mind.  Instead, I sat and listened to the truth about myself, him, and Raven.  I had betrayed my friends, saved them, and then forgot about them which broke Garfield’s heart.  During that time Raven and him grew very close and fell in love long before I came back into their lives.  I shook with anger, “This whole time, I’ve been nothing but a charity case?!”  I stood up and slapped him across the face as hard as I could, no one trusted me this whole time and Garfield played me for a chump. “Did you even love me?!”

            Garfield rubbed his cheek, “Terra, I’m sorry.”

            I hated myself for the tears that welled up in my eyes again.  I thought we were happy but it was all a lie.  I lifted the earth underneath Gar and flung him back, “Go AWAY.”  He sulked off and was soon replaced by Kori.  She sat down beside me and hugged me while I cried.




            While Garfield went to talk to Terra, I brought the rest of the team into the common room to tell them everything that happened.  They were shocked at the news because they honestly had no idea.  Regardless, I could sense their disappointment; what we did was wrong, it should never had been a secret and we should have never brought Terra into it all.  Kori lifted out of her seat and flew down to console Terra just as Gar entered the room.

            “What the hell were you two thinking?!” Nightwing demanded, “Do you even realize the pain you caused or the possible damage this could do to her psyche?!”

            Garfield ran his hand through his hair, “We both already feel like shit, you don’t have to remind us.  I regret how it happened but I’m glad it did.”  He looked up at me and smiled, “Richard, I have the love of my life again.” My heart swelled and I smiled back at him.

            I started to walk towards him when I suddenly felt cold. 


            Tears fell from my face and I reached up to wipe them; my hand came back red.  Garfield rushed to me and caught me just as my legs were about to go out. “Raven! What’s wrong?!”

            I opened my mouth to speak but everything was so dry and ashy inside.  It felt like a weight was keeping me from breathing and the world was starting to slip away.

            “Raven! Raven stay awake! Please!!”

            Richard and Vic dashed towards us and lifted me up to unzip my leotard.

            “Just as I thought, poison…”




            The wound was unveiled and it now looked as if it were alive, pulsating and changing the color of Raven’s skin violet.  I picked her up and the three of us raced her down to the medical bay where Victor made quick work to set her up with fluids and monitors. I looked down at Raven to see her gasp for air while blood continued to stream down her face.  I got to my knees to be closer to her, “DO SOMETHING!!”

            Raven was starting to sweat blood and her chest began to rise and fall quicker.  I could hear Victor and Richard arguing about what to do because they didn’t have an antidote but I refused to let Raven die.  “Raven, stay with me,” I cooed.  Raven stared into my eyes and I could see her panic.  “Raven, it’ll be okay, you’re going to be fine! After this I am going to take you out to the nicest restaurant after visiting your favorite bookstore. Doesn’t that sound nice?”  Blood seeped from her ears and I choked on a sob, “We just have to get through this, okay? I love you so much, you have always been my everything.”  Her eyes began to close, “You need to stay awake Rae, don’t you fall asleep on me!  I need you, I have always needed you, please just stay awake!”

            I watched in horror as her eyes closed and the monitors flat lined.  I couldn’t breathe, I just looked up to see that Victor and Richard have both stopped working, “Do something.  Bring her back. BRING HER BACK!”  They just stood there in shock.  I got into the bed with Raven and held on to her, “Come back Raven, you can’t leave me.  Please come back!”  I cried into her shoulder and held onto her limp body.

            Kori and Terra entered the room and froze.

            “This is all my fault! I should have been there to protect you; I should have known that you never wanted to be alone. Raven, please…”

            Richard grabbed onto my shoulder, “Gar, she’s gone.”

            I swiped his hand away, “Get out.”

            “But, Gar-”

            “I said get OUT!!!!”

            I hugged Raven closely while everyone left.  I ran my fingers thru her hair while I just looked at her face.  I kissed her dry mouth and rained tears down her face when there was no reply. 

            “I will kill them all.”

It is crazy that after 4 years of having nothing to do with Teen Titans, I still think about it.  I loved the show with every fiber of my being and apparently its been hardwired into me because I still dream about them from time to time.  That's where this story originated from, I had a dream that Beast Boy and Raven had this secret.  Just a slight mature warning, its not like there is anything raunchy throughout but there is one little spicy scene... you're welcome...  Wanted to give Terra some love after all those years of hate because I have calmed down about all that.  She's ight.  Also, the story is a bit over the place but I tried to fit in some action and drama along with the romance.

I don't know if anyone is still a fan out there but it has been a fun experience writing a Teen Titans fanfic once again and who knows, maybe I'll be inspired again.

P.S. This new uploading system is impossible for me to figure out!!! Where are the old days?


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That moment when you go back and read past journal entries and want to travel back in time to punch yourself in the face :iconfacepalmplz:

I guess it shows just how much you change over the years but still....

Anyways dear watchers, how have you changed over the past four years? We genuinely want to know : D

(p.s. Gabbo I totally stole this journal idea from what you said in the car today)
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